Point West Corporate Plaza

Point West Coporate Plaza



Angelo G. Tsakopoulos serves as Manager of Tsakopoulos Investments, the family company that owns and manages Point West Corporate Plaza. Angelo is intentional in his hands-on leadership style and his focus in applying 60-years of family commercial real estate knowledge and skill toward assuring the satisfaction of each individual tenant in a Tsakopoulos property. His steadfast commitment to the tenant experience extends to the entire service team as well. Angelo G. Tsakopoulos is a member of the California state bar and holds law and business degrees from the University of San Diego. An accomplished real estate developer, Angelo has various complex subdivision, entitlement and construction projects to his credit. Angelo is married to Dr. Katerina Lagos. Together they are proud parents of sons George and Christo


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Tsakopoulos Investments is a multi-generational family company based in Sacramento, California. Integrity and hard work continue to be cornerstones of the successful business that founder George Tsakopoulos built over half a century in the Sacramento community. After emigrating from his native Greece in 1955, George and his wife, Drosoula, very quickly set to work on a diverse and complex mix of commercial real estate development and business interests.

Clear judgement with an insightful understanding of transactions, markets and people along with plenty of hard work cultivated success for the family as California’s capitol city experienced expansion and growth itself in the late 20th Century. Over his decades in business, George acquired and built a rich array of commercial real estate. Projects and properties ranged from community retail including pads, strips, and grocery-anchored centers across the region which have grown into the daily lives of their communities, as well as best-of-class office buildings scaling up to 25-story towers which many professional and national tenants desire for their Sacramento address. In addition, Tsakopoulos completed numerous residential subdivisions of various sizes and expanded land holdings to over 12,000 acres spanning five-counties in the heart of California for future development. Associated with these land holdings, he enjoyed developing diverse farming, ranching, and natural resource business interests as well.

George maintained a busy daily calendar and stayed actively engaged in his various business enterprises before his passing in June 2009 at the age of 82. Concepts of fairness, integrity, and value were foundational for George in business and have been handed to the family as essential Tsakopoulos business principals for generations to come.